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Archival Site

Older documents recorded prior to 1983 can be found on Routt County's Archival Site. In addition you can also find Commissioner minutes and resolutions, grantor/grantee indexes, old files including ditch maps, plats and assorted maps, mining claims and Assessor's tract indexes. Searches can be conducted using words or phrases. You can begin your search by clicking the title above.   You will be redirected to ArcaSearch who is a third party vendor and not a part of the Routt County Clerk's office.

Assessor's Property Search

Clicking on this title will divert you to the Assessor's Property Search page.

      Use this NEW link to be redirected to GovOS who is a third party vendor and not a part of the Routt County Clerk's office. Here, you can search for recorded public documents in a mobile device friendly application.  This new search site is faster, has greater search capabilities and you can see the document prior to purchasing.  If you set up an account through GovOS, you have the option of creating a multi-user account.  Let us know once you have set up an account and we will get you access.  This site also features a property fraud alert.  You can choose to set an alert on your property so that you are notified if any document is recorded that has your name or property description on it.  Note that this alert system cannot distinguish between individuals with the same name. 

OLD Records Search

Search for documents that have been recorded into public record such as deeds, marriage licenses, power of attorneys, and judgments just to name a few.  NOTE: THIS SEARCH WILL BE DISCONTINUED SOMETIME AFTER JANUARY 1, 2024. 

Request For Public Records

In accordance with the Colorado Public (Open) Records Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-201, et.seq. (CORA), it is the policy of Routt County that all public records maintained by Routt County shall be open for inspection by any person at reasonable times during normal office hours.  CORA requests are often used for obtaining information regarding Requests For Proposals and County business that is not recorded into public record.  This is not to be used for searching in the Records Search above as those documents are available to anyone at any time.  Please complete the CORA form and submit to