Current Construction

Road Closures

County Road 16 road drainage work is currently in progress.

Striping on County roads will begin August 27th.

Thanks for your patience during construction. Please watch for and abide by flaggers, construction signs, and detours.

RCR 62 at Cottonwood Creek

Effective Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Routt County Road 62 will close 1.2 miles north of Clark and 10.2 miles south of County Road 129 on the Hahns Peak end due to culvert replacement. All roadway user traffic will be restricted in this area. The closure will be in effect 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Roadway users are advised to avoid the area.

This work is part of our yearly culvert maintenance/replacement program to help improve the safety on our county roads.

2018 Projects Schedule

Major Bridges - schedule in progress
Crack Seal - County crews apply crack seal to paved roads as part of preventive maintenance to preserve asphalt pavement, April – May. 
Dust Suppression - County crews combined with a contractor apply mag chloride for suppression to the County’s higher volume unpaved roads in May - June. 
Annual Road Striping – The County selects a striping contractor to stripe roads in two sessions. The first as soon as weather and schedules allow around June and the second after the overlay and chip seal projects in September. 
Asphalt Patching - County crews patch and repair asphalt roads as part of the pavement maintenance program. 
Overlay/ Chipseal - July through August.
Culvert Replacement - Annual culvert replacements to maintain drainage ways.
Gravel Roads - Annual regravel of roads by County crews.