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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has contracted with the following 2 vendors for ALL civil fingerprints.  Please contact the following companies for an appointment


Appointment Scheduling Website: 
Phone: (844) 539-5539 (toll-free) 
IdentoGO FAQs:

Instructions for Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) required by Employers and for personal background checks.

The Sheriff's Office will still print for Law Enforcement functions such as, concealed weapon permits, ATF background checks and will also do FBI background checks.  The FBI background check is a courtesy print.  You will be responsible for sending the print cards to their destination.  Please contact our office for who we will print.
Print hours are as follows: 
 Tuesday/Thursday 9am to 330pm
Wednesday  9am to 4pm
Friday 9am to 11am


Helpful information at Colorado Bureau of Investigation's website:

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