Tax Lien Sale for Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Delinquent mobile home taxes will be sold at the annual tax lien sale conducted by the Treasurer. The sale will be held the last Friday in October every year. Once the tax is sold, a tax lien is placed against the mobile home. The tax lien is recorded with the Routt County Clerk and Recorder's Office for public record.


Tax liens:

  • A tax lien is sold on the mobile home; the mobile home itself is NOT sold.
  • All mobile/manufactured homes have a one year redemption period unless the home title and legal ownership of the land are in the same name.
  • Mobile homes on private land where land ownership and mobile home title are in the same name have a three year redemption period.

Redemption of mobile home tax liens:

  • This rate is established by adding nine percentage points to the federal discount rate as of September 1 and rounding to the nearest full percent.
  • Redemption interest accrues on delinquent taxes on a monthly basis; therefore, it is necessary to contact the Treasurer's Office prior to making your payment. Please contact (970) 870-5555 for current figures. All redemption payments must be made by cash or certified funds.
  • Once the tax lien is redeemed, the Treasurer will issue a Redemption Certificate to the party who made payment. The Redemption Certificate cancels the tax lien. Since the Certificate validates the cancelation of the lien, this document should be retained in your permanent records.

If the tax lien is not redeemed:

  • The Treasurer will notify the owner of the mobile home and any lienholders 30 days prior to the expiration of the redemption period.
  • After the close of the redemption period, the certificate holder is able to apply for a Certificate of Ownership. Once the application is received, the certificate holder will be issued the Certificate of Ownership with all rights and interest to the mobile home. The certificate may then be used to gain title through the Motor Vehicle Department.